Hello. My name is Jack Cameron. I am a writer and editor. I am a Submissions Editor at Creative Colloquy and recently worked as Lead Drama Editor at Goddard College’s literary journal, The Pitkin Review.

I have a Master's of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Goddard College, a Bachelor of Arts from The Evergreen State College.

My work has been featured in The Pitkin Review, Grit City Magazine, Creative Colloquy, and other publications.

I have also worked as a freelance writer, marketing professional, technical writer, and creative writing teacher.

My projects have included work with multi-billion dollar corporations such as Amazon.com, small start-ups like the Tacoma Youth Initiative, and individual projects of my own.

In 2006 I started a website called   TacomaStories.com. This site has been recognized by both the Tacoma Daily Index and KOMO News for my work on chronicling the homicide victims in Tacoma. In addition to this, I’ve interviewed dozens of people for this site including Former Tacoma Mayor and current Congresswoman, Marilyn Strickland.